Travel Trends in the Making

The desire to travel is open to everyone. I just ran across the book again “1000 places to see before you die”. It reminded me that, no matter the instability of some world destinations, people still want to experience new places and things. The new trends are really taking off and I see more of them in our agency.
The first that I am seeing is Woman’s only groups. Girlfriends looking for a getaway to take a break from the daily routines, spend time in a relaxing spa, yoga classes and even soft adventure trips. There are some travel operators that are beginning to offer some unusual destinations and expeditions for women only.
The next trend that I am seeing is Solo Travel. There has been an increase in discounting or waiving the single supplement charges on cruises (especially European River Cruises) and land-based tours. There seems to be an interest in single travel and ways to make new friends. There has been an increase in ways to connect travelers before and during the trip. This includes single or solo parent travel. The tour operators are recognizing that Solo and Solo-parent travel is becoming even more popular than before.
Another trend is family i.e. generational travel. This is at an all-time high.
Grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren all take that trip of a lifetime. Multi-generational vacations are becoming more and more popular from ocean cruises to European vacations. Disney even has some European river cruises for families.
I am seeing an increase in small-group travel. This is where a group of friends or special interest groups get together and take that vacation together to experience something new. Maybe that wine club, brewery group, craft group?
One last that I am seeing, is travel for those with disabilities or special needs. Of course, some locations around the world are not very accommodating, but there are so many that are. Oxygen, wheelchairs both electric and not and many other equipment needs can be arranged. There is even a wheelchair that can be used on the beach!
Remember the world is your oyster and if you open it, you may just find that precious pearl!
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