Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine at Rocky Mtn. Christian Church


Tim Tebow Foundation Night to Shine at Rocky Mtn. Christian Church
At Rocky Mountain Christian Church, there are a lot of events to be a part of but few are as uniquely exciting as Night to Shine that happened globally on Friday, February 8th. This is a prom night for people with special needs sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. For three of the five years this event has been around so far, Rocky has hosted at their Frederick Campus. Since 2015, this annual event has grown to accommodate nearly 90,000 people with special needs 14 and older in 49 states and 16 countries. The vision of Night to Shine is to work with churches around the world to provide an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love for people with special needs.
Leading up to the event hosted by Rocky Mountain Christian Church, the guests had an opportunity to pick out their clothes and accessories for free at the Prom Shop. On the night of the event, guests arrived and walked down the red carpet surrounded by a crowd of people, including students from Frederick High School, cheering them on and as paparazzi took photos of them. Then they ate and danced the night away on a large dance floor accompanied by a DJ, Chick-fil-A cows and volunteers who were their prom dates for the night! The guests also had options to sing karaoke, play games and hop in the photo booth with props as their parents/caregivers were treated to options such as massages, dinner and giveaways. At the end of the event, each guest was crowned King or Queen of the prom just before the 1200 balloons were dropped from the ceiling. It really is an incredible experience for everyone involved!
To plan and execute such a big event, it takes a lot of hard work and resources from staff, volunteers and sponsors. In December, Rocky went live with their volunteer registration and in only 24 hours, registration was full! People can’t wait to help make this event happen because, even though it is for the guests, the impact on the volunteers is very meaningful. Sarah Carlock, one of the core volunteers leading this event said, “It is a joy to partner with the Tim Tebow Foundation in celebrating those in our midst with special needs. There is no greater experience than seeing the Church and community rally to combine our gifts, resources and talents for the specific purpose of loving and honoring our guests and their caregivers.”
Rocky Mountain Christian Church is proud to be a part of a community that values people with special needs so strongly. Rocky wants to thank all the people who gave their precious time and all the organizations and businesses that provided things they needed to make Night to Shine so largely successful and inspiring. To all the guests, “We hope you know just how loved and important you are. There is a BIG plan for your life.”


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