St. Brigit Episcopal Church to Celebrate Autumnal Equinox


St. Brigit Episcopal Church to Celebrate Autumnal Equinox

Are you looking for non-traditional worship, something just a little out of the ordinary?
St. Brigit Episcopal Church offers just that in its unique quarterly services celebrating the change of seasons. You are invited to welcome Autumn at St. Brigit’s Equinox Celebration on Sunday, September 22, 2019, at 6:00p.m.
The Autumnal Equinox Service is part of St. Brigit’s Áit Caol series, now in its eighth year. Áit Caol (pronounced atch qweel) is Gaelic for “A Thin Place.” These services are created to offer guests an experience of God through a special liturgy, which combines ancient tradition with contemporary language. They include beautiful, engaging meditation areas, reflecting the Scriptural lessons, and sacred music with a Celtic sound.

In keeping with the Celtic tradition of honoring the earth as God’s creation, St. Brigit celebrates the Autumnal Equinox, marking the transition between Summer and Fall. “Equinox” is a translation of the Latin word, aequinoctium, or “equal night.” On this day, there are 12 hours each of daylight and darkness. The Earth’s axis is parallel to the Sun, so the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are illuminated equally. Sunrise occurs at 7a.m. and sunset, at 7p.m.

Ancient people marked this day with both thanksgiving for the harvest and prayers for protection during the approaching time of darkness and cold. St. Brigit will celebrate this bittersweet time by reflecting with gratitude on God’s abundant gifts and eternal presence.
Older children are welcome at the service. Childcare will be provided for children under age six. Guests are invited to walk St. Brigit’s outdoor labyrinth prior to the service.

St. Brigit Episcopal Church is located at 110 Johnson Street in Frederick. Visit or for more information.


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