Pain Relief is Their Business: Teamwork Colorado


Pain Relief is Their Business: Teamwork Colorado

Do you suffer with chronic pain and stubborn injuries that don’t seem to heal completely? “I was in debilitating pain,” says Kelly Martindale. “I truly could barely move from low back pain. Of course, doctors suggested pain meds, which I didn’t want. Lisa Sigafoos, from Paisley Nail Studio, suggested I go see Justin Willis, her physical therapist. I put it off until I was nearly bed ridden.”

What did Kelly find? Teamwork Therapy & Sports Performance, one of the area’s most sought after destinations for pain relief for individuals from all walks of life with a variety of pain related ailments. “After the first session, at least 50% of my pain was gone,” says Kelly. “It really felt like a miracle took place. I still had pain, but not crippling pain like the hour before my appointment.”

The owner, Justin Willis, operates his business with a strong passion and commitment to seeing his clients gain a higher quality of life from the treatment sessions his clinic provides.

Justin knows pain all too well and is his motivation behind his clinic. He developed a passion for physical rehabilitation following a car accident in 1999 which left him with a partial right-side paralysis for over a year. Through rigorous rehabilitation he was able to regain his baseball scholarship in college and move on to play professional baseball. Through his personal experience with a detrimental injury, Justin learned the value of true one-on-one patient interaction and developed a passion for helping others overcome their own injuries.

“I love being able to help patients on their road to recovery. This is a passion for me, not a job,” says Justin. Following his retirement from professional baseball he worked with HealthTech Therapy and Sports Performance helping athletes both rehabilitate and perform at optimal levels. Justin also was a Neuromuscular Therapist and Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist(TM) for Prolete Therapy, an exclusive network for the professional athlete, treating athletes in the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL and PGA.

Time and time again, individuals visit Teamwork Therapy & Sports Performance with hopes of perhaps getting even a moderate amount of pain relief. Much to their surprise, like Kelly Martindale, they feel as if they have been given their lives back and have regained hope for a more fulfilling life. “It’s a wonderful day when I see a client walk in here for the first time with a limp or walking stick and when they leave, they look as if they are walking on clouds. Each week I have new clients who have been to countless doctors and told they need surgery and after working with them, we’re able to get them functioning again,” states Justin.

Teamwork offers Neuromuscular Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Message Therapy services all aimed at helping with a variety of goals from pain relief itself to maintenance and even flexibility. The clinic also offers CBD supplemental products that research shows has great benefits in aiding with pain relief.

Teamwork is an easy drive to 10855 Irma Drive in Northglenn just off 112th and Washington. Teamwork is a diamond in the rough for answers to your body’s need for relief. When you feel well physically, the other areas of your life feel better too. Call 303.525.0573 or email or visit to make an appointment today.


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