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Zadel Realty Welcomes Jeannie Martin

Zadel Realty is proud to announce that Jeannie Martin has joined the real estate brokerage.

Online Home Valuation

Homeowners are often looking online to see what the value of their home is. Everyone is curious about value and how it might be changing and an estimate of the value of their home. It may be from an AVM (Automated Valuation Module) on a Broker’s website, an estimated value from Realtor.com, or a Zestimate from Zillow.

Pain Relief is Their Business: Teamwork Colorado

Teamwork offers Neuromuscular Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Message Therapy services all aimed at helping with a variety of goals from pain relief itself to maintenance and even flexibility. The clinic also offers CBD supplemental products that research shows has great benefits in aiding with pain relief.

Autumn: Letting Go & Receiving

Autumn is a good time of the year to eliminate unwanted materials, emotions, habits and beliefs. It is also a good time to take the opportunity to clean out both emotional and physical spaces.

Sugar & Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of serious illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune diseases, brain dysfunction, joint pain, digestive and skin problems.

Doctor’s Advice to Parents About Vaping

Colorado youth are vaping nicotine at twice the national average and at the highest rate of 37 states surveyed, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Eating Crow

Gaining humility is worth whatever it costs. Like on those TV ads that talk of this being good and that being better and _ being priceless. Walking in humility is priceless. The person growing in humility is better enabled to serve the Lord than the one walking in pride. I do not wish to have God oppose me, do you?

Nathen Celebrates His Hispanic Heritage

When asked what he sees when he looks in the mirror he smiles and says, “Someone who loves family, volunteering and mentoring to help those less fortunate. Growing up in a working poor family I’ve learned to appreciate life and not take it for granted. That’s why I give back to my community.” He told me the one thing that frightens him is that something might happen to his family that he wouldn’t be able to help with.

Imagine Charter School at Firestone Announces Community Fall Festival

Imagine Charter School at Firestone Announces Community Fall Festival Public charter school will host a wonderful event for all community members on Oct....

Roofing Roulette – Don’t Take A Chance, Do Your Homework

Once you have weeded out the noxious knockers, and before you file a claim; it’s critical to ask the right questions. Do a little research in order to make an informed decision on which contractor to replace your roofing system.

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