Outdoor Paint Projects


Outdoor Paint Projects

Keep in mind that while your home exterior is painted, your outdoor furniture and accessories can be painted as well.

As with any painting project, preparation is key and there is a proper method of preparation for each type of surface to be painted. Metal light fixtures, including brass can be updated to white, bronze, black, or matched to an accent such as your door color. The fixtures will need to be sanded and primed before painting with a good exterior paint. There are also great spray primers and paints available for outdoor use.

The same applies to metal patio furniture. It can be matched to the body or trim color, or for contrast choose a color on a wheel that are opposite your house colors. The pieces will need to be at least sanded or the paint may need to be completely removed. Next prime with a quality exterior primer, then paint with a top grade product specifically for painting outdoor furniture.

Most woods do well if properly prepped and primed as long as the final coats – we always recommend two – are with paint intended for outdoor use. Teak furniture will fare better if oiled rather than painted due to the constant seepage of the natural oils within the wood. Redwood does well with a semi-transparent stain but expect to apply it every year or two, depending upon the weather.

Wicker and rattan furniture can benefit from priming and painting for protection from the elements. Plastic furniture should be painted with paint designed specifically for plastic to ensure the best bond.

What else can your painter spruce up? Pots, planters, wrought iron yard ornaments, fiberglass gnomes, etc. Yard tools giving you splinters? A quick sanding and a coat of varnish on the handles is a fast remedy!

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