By Daisy Lear
The purpose of this article is twofold. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Kelly Martindale’s 20 years of publishing the Carbon Valley Consumer Report newspaper. Over the years the newspaper has grown, reaching to the wider community. The paper continues to grow and thrive because people read it; because the content includes stories about the people living here and for the people living here. The articles and the information shared are interesting. And if people are looking for services and businesses in their community, they are listed in this newspaper. I know people read and enjoy this paper because a larger number of clients come into my office having read my article or seen my add for acupuncture, than from web searches. Many people have called for appointments stating “I saved your article for 2 years…” and I remember one person had saved the article for five years. I have been writing articles for the paper for 15 years and have learned so much about writing from Kelly.
The goal of these articles is always to provide educational information about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Much like this newspaper that is reaching further into communities, Chinese medicine would not have reached every continent on the planet if it didn’t work. It is an approximately 4,000 year old traditional medicine that has been tried and tested, proving over and over again that it works regardless of where you live on earth, who your ancestors are, your age, or whether you are human or animal. It simply works for earthlings. And this newspaper works for the people in the community. Thank you so much Kelly, we love and appreciate you and all your effort!

See www.daisylear.com for more information or call 303.587.3557.


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