From Drab to Fab with Amber at Green Pear Salon in Frederick


From Drab to Fab with Amber at Green Pear Salon in Frederick

By Kelly Fordyce Martindale

It would be easy to push the fabulous talent of Amber Losasso at the Green Pear Salon in Frederick. But I’d like to start by first sharing a story. Why? Because it shows her heart and I think that is the most important part of any human being, especially one that provides a service to our communities.

“A family came into the chain salon where I was working. The mom was quite thin and wearing a hat. She, with her husband, son and daughter, approached my chair, all with very sad eyes. I welcomed them and ask how I could help.
Through tearful eyes, as mom pulled off her hat, she asked, ‘Can you help me?’
Sorrow and compassion filled me as I viewed her mostly bald head with chunks of matted hair still attached to her scalp.
‘I just got out of treatment. I have terminal cancer. I just want this off my head,’ she tells me and then covers her eyes and cries. ‘Please do your best to make me look as good as you can,’ she pleaded with tears streaming down her face. She tried to put on a brave smile.
As I cut her hair, I asked her if the hospital actually let her leave with her hair the way it was. She replied with a cold ‘yep,’ while I continued my work. I was in shock and my heart hurt for her and then I was mad.
It was at that moment I was inspired to do something. I wanted to make a difference in her life and the lives of others in the same situation.
When I finished, she thanked me. We hugged. I said, ‘No charge.’
I’ve never seen her again, but I pledged to help those with cancer by going to their home and cutting their hair for free. It’s something I can do to make someone else’s life a bit easier—in the name of Carol.

Coming from a beautician background, Amber spent a lot of time in her aunt’s salon in Wheat Ridge. Both her mother and aunt were hair stylists. Those women taught her at a young age, Anyone who walks through your salon door should feel and look amazing when they walk out your door!
Amber is in her eleventh year serving others in the beauty industry. She thought about working in her aunt’s salon but decided she wanted her own business. She has her booth space at Green Pear salon at 142 6th Street, Unit 6, in Frederick right off Colorado Blvd at the roundabout.

Client’s come from Arvada, Thornton, Ft. Lupton, and Longmont to receive her expertise and styling services. Ambers clients are both men and women, all ages and all are welcome.

To get an idea of her services you must check out her Facebook page. She posts lots of photos of finished hair designs and styles. On Facebook, search for Creative Hair Image By Amber Lanai. You will be impressed.

Amber says, “I work with two other hair stylists, Patti Johnson, and Concha Aquirre, the Green Pear salon owner. We also have a fabulous nail designer, McKenna Mae Orozco.”

“I specialize in hair color, cuts and styles. My clients tell me I take them from drab to fab, as if they are ready for Hollywood,” she shares. “I am a kind person,” Amber says. “I’m a very passionate wife, mother and hair designer.”

She is married with two amazing kids. “We are a musical and artistic family,” she shares. Outside of doing hair, she works on song writing, making music and supporting other local musicians.

For July, Amber is offering a $50.00 partial highlight WITH purchase of a haircut or clients can receive a Free conditioning treatment with the purchase of a haircut.

“The best thing about my business is looking at my customer’s smiles, receiving warm hugs and hearing the wow’s…that’s what keeps me going!” she says.

You can schedule with Amber by calling 720.366.1687. She is located at 142 6th Street, #6, Frederick. Don’t forget to check out her Facebook page.


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