Frederick High Football Team Trains Next Generation of Warriors


Frederick High Football Team Trains Next Generation of Warriors

By Tyler Vaughan

This summer, instead of simply enjoying the break from school with friends and family, the Frederick High School Warriors football team gave back to the Carbon Valley community. On both July 16th and 17th, the FHS Warriors hosted the Carbon Valley Dreamer Scholar Class from Thunder Valley K-8 for a summer football camp.

The Carbon Valley Dreamer Scholar Class is a cohort of students from low-income families in the Carbon Valley area that were sponsored by the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County when they were in second grade. Each student in “I Have A Dream” programming (whom they call “Dreamer Scholars”) receive continued academic and socio-emotional support from the time they start the program until they graduate from high school. Upon high school graduation, each Dreamer Scholar is promised a $10,000 scholarship towards continuing education, whether that be a four-year college or technical school.

Currently, the Dreamer Scholars in the Carbon Valley Class are starting their 6th grade year; and, with the transition into middle school, comes new roles and responsibilities. To help ease the worries that some of the Dreamer Scholars had about this transition, the Frederick High Warriors held a Q&A about their experiences in middle and high school.

Though the high school students were volunteering to act as role models for their younger counterparts, the days were not all life lessons and academics. Taking advantage of the two beautiful summer days, the Frederick High Warriors coached the Carbon Valley Dreamer Scholars in kickball, flag football, and water games to cool down. They even found time to let the younger students, and their Program Director, Aurora, dress up in the high school team’s uniforms!

Although the younger students needed a little coaching to start off, there was a fierce rivalry between the younger and older students. The second day saw the group revisit a dot drill exercise required for the football players. The first time the football team tried this activity with the younger students on the first day, the group was a little slow to embrace the activity. After a few rounds of students tried the drills, they quickly found themselves in a competition with the older students. One Dreamer Scholar, Jolin, told one of “I Have A Dream” Americorps VISTA Summer Associate, Ms. Kathleen, that she practiced all night for the dot drill between the first and second days. On the second day, Jolin nearly beat the football players in their own drill, and continued practicing after competition was long over.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining the Frederick High School Warriors Football Team in volunteering with the 6th grade Dreamer Scholars at Thunder Valley K-8 during their after-school programming on most school days. For more information, please visit We at “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County invite you to apply or refer a friend today!


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