Colorado Women Riders Strive to Break Record


Colorado Women Riders Strive to Break Record

I Susan Udero Director of Operations had a vision of breaking a world record straight from Colorado. I stated to my committee, “I will not have us leave without a record in the USA”. UK women have world record of 1,132. At day of event I was jumping for joy. I am grateful to all ladies attended and my right handers many thanks: Susy Garcia, Sheree Lang, Audrey Paulus, Michael Shepard, Brian Szoszorek, Cisco Diaz, Al Atler, Mary Macias, Candice Becker, Heather Paven, Angel Bombard, Felisha Martinez, and Amanda Zoschke. Thank you all 65 volunteers. Thank you Kylee Productions! Thank you sponsors!

On Saturday August 24th at 10am at High Country dealership in the city of Frederick Colorado Women Bikers attempted to set a world record for the most women bikers in the same place of over 1,132. We were 465 and did not break UK women record. We did obtain a record in the USA FOR THE MOST WOMEN IN A BIKE RIDE OF 60 MILES. The ride took place in the country side of Frederick, Longmont, Berthoud and Mead Colorado.

Riding for an amazing cause, Firefly Autism. Director Firefly Autism Jesse Ogas was present at event. Jesse was shocked at money raised $25k and his staff was in shock as well. 1 out of 57 children are diagnosed with autism. School has children from infant to 22 year olds. Anyone is welcome to tour Firefly Autism 26955 Jersey St Denver Colorado 80222.

After the ride guest speakers Dee Jones (Momma Dee, NM), Paty Juarez (Pro Boxer Colorado), Helen Tornquist (Chicago), Kimberly Chavez (California), Rolling with Rhonda (NY). Trophy’s were given at event: oldest biker, youngest biker, Iron Butt, biggest Colorado group 1st, 2nd, 3rd, n biggest out of state group 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Best 2 wheeled bike and best 3 wheeled bike.

I as director say “I and lady riders from Colorado and other states will try to break UK record in 2020”! May the forces be with us!


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