Color Forecast

Sherwin Williams’ Colormix Forecast 2020 is out and their suggestions are beautiful!
Their choice for color of the year is Naval SW6244. Sherwin Williams describes it as, ‘working well with polished marble, gleaming metal, soft leather and sophisticated patterns.’ We agree. We have painted several interiors and exteriors with Naval. This Navy Blue from the SW Pottery Barn Collection is versatile. Whether utilized as a dark neutral, focal point or an accent wall you can’t fail.
As with any jewel tone, it is complimented especially well by the yellow family, particularly gold. Sherwin Williams recommends pairing it with several colors, tans, greens, grays, terra cottas and other blues. Our favorite combination is Naval on walls with a crisp white trim color such as Snowbound.
SW’s Color Forecast includes 45 colors, spread across 5 palettes, each containing 9 colors from which you can design your own color schemes. The possibilities are endless. And mistake-proof:
Alive: Mostly mid and deep tones
Mantra: Pastels with a few midtones
Play: Bright and vibrant hues
Haven: Mid neutrals, rich tones
Heart: Earthy neutrals
We recommend downloading the Colormix Forecast 2020 brochure from Sherwin Williams’ website or stopping by their store to pick one up.
Sherwin Williams’ Top 50 Colors Brochure is another worthy download. We have used each of these colors not just once, but numerous times and heartily recommend every one! Also included are their Top Whites and their Top Color, Agreeable Gray. Again, we agree. Agreeable Gray is a versatile color, a reliable go-to when other colors aren’t quite right.
View any color in your home with Sherwin Williams’ Color Visualizer. Customize your own images and test different colors on your photos by dragging and dropping a color onto an image. Access the Color Visualizer at https://www.sherwin-williams.com/visualizer.