Realizing It’s All for a Much Larger Purpose

Realizing It’s All for a Much Larger Purpose By Kelly Fordyce Martindale My children and grandchildren keep me lovingly bound to this earth and this time. But I also have two...

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End Stress #makeKINDNESSloud

End Stress #makeKINDNESSloud 98 days until Thanksgiving, to be followed by Christmas and then another new year. And that’s as of this writing....

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A Mothers Take on Mother’s Day

A Mothers Take on Mother's Day: Honoring My Mom and Step-Mom As I think about the moms in my life and their strength...

Meltdown #682

Meltdown #682 Wiping tears and blowing my nose, I’ve just risen above another meltdown. They happen at least once a month. #682? I’m sure...

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Peace Cross Love Cross

Peace Cross Love Cross On June 20, 2019 the Supreme Court ruled that a Maryland World War I memorial “in the shape of” a...

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