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Peace Cross Love Cross

Peace Cross Love Cross On June 20, 2019 the Supreme Court ruled that a Maryland World War I memorial “in the shape of” a...

End Stress #makeKINDNESSloud

End Stress #makeKINDNESSloud 98 days until Thanksgiving, to be followed by Christmas and then another new year. And that’s as of this writing....

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Stepping Back Into My Power

Stepping Back Into My Power By Kelly Fordyce Martindale Listening to the band play the Fight Song by Rachel Platten, my heart beat faster and my breathing increased. After the song,...

Reach Out for Rescue

Reach Out for Rescue By Kelly Fordyce Martindale It’s nearly three in the morning and because of medication, I cannot sleep....

Meltdown #682

Meltdown #682 Wiping tears and blowing my nose, I’ve just risen above another meltdown. They happen at least once a month. #682? I’m sure...

Life’s Puzzle Pieces Cause Mysterious Maladies

Life's Puzzle Pieces Cause Mysterious Maladies Back pain has stifled my life. This chronic pain robbed me of a summer normally filled with vacations,...

Be Love, Find Peace

Be Love, Find Peace Kelly Fordyce Martindale April…April showers bring May flowers…April 9 is the 17th year since my oldest son...

Realizing It’s All for a Much Larger Purpose

Realizing It’s All for a Much Larger Purpose By Kelly Fordyce Martindale My children and grandchildren keep me lovingly bound to this earth and this time. But I also have two...

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