A Tiny House for Someone With a BIG Heart: Seth Truitt Appreciates Your Help

Seth Truitt, a Frederick High School graduate, has proven his abilities to care for himself and manage is life, while living under his parents roof.
At twenty-eight, however, Seth desires to have his own space outside the walls of his bedroom. He wants to do his laundry and dishes in his own home. Seth has a plan but he needs our help.
You are invited to participate in the Joy House Project: Developing Independence for a person with Special Needs. Seth is asking for help in raising money to build a Tiny House. The land is provided.
Seth has Down Syndrome. But that hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling many of his dreams: graduation, singing, preaching, art, and figuring out how he can live alone.
“Seth has been asking for his own place for about 10 years. He wants his independence and he is more than capable to fulfill this dream,” says his mom. “Our family lives on 5 acres of land, so we have the space to give Seth an opportunity to live independently and still be near us for support. All we need is help raising the funds to do it.”
The house will be 36 x 10, which is 360 sq ft. It’s perfect for Seth and even has a space for a friend to sleepover occasionally.
This is a perfect opportunity to help our neighbor; one who continually strives to be a productive citizen in our community.
Seth Truitt is an inspiration to each of us. His ongoing joy is contagious and Seth encourages others to see the good in life.
His wonderful spirit is infectious and draws others to him. Recently, Seth met Yency Almonte, pitcher for the Rockies. Seth now has a jersey with the teams signatures, a gift from Yency!
That was a great day for Seth. Hopefully, you will join the family and friends in making his Tiny House dream come true. There are a few ways to help out:
Financial Support of any amount. If 400 people would gift $100 the house would be paid for.
Volunteer to help build the Tiny House
Raise awareness about adults with special needs. A little support and they can achieve their dreams
Share the website on your Social Media platforms
Seth often asks when he will be able to have his own house, his own car, and even talks about wanting to get married and become a dad. He has so many hopes and dreams just like everyone else, and his parents and friends plan to do whatever they can to make some of those dreams come true.
Will you be a part of that dream?
For more information see www.joyhouseproject.com or email joyhouseproject@gmail.com or call 303.250.4594. Find Seth on Facebook!